Who am i?

Who am I? That is a question that i do not fully know how to answer. Yes i know the obvious things such as I am 21 and studying early childhood development. But as for what i want in life or where i want to go i am still working on that. I am still developing and growing.

I am an introvert so the idea of working with tons of people is tiring in my opinion. I love my me time and space, it is how i feel better about life. I guess one could say i am an introvert with goals and dreams that scare her.

Since i was little i have had a love for pretty things, clothes to food, flowers to makeup. All things pretty have always bought me a since of peace and happiness.

I am 21 but i do not feel that i am living life, i feel that i have let life take me over and i no longer live life it lives me. I want to explore and let the inner me grow. The inner me, that i hide due to the fear of judgement, needs to come out and see the world. I need to stop fearing what people may think and do what i need to do to be happy.

Welcome to the start of my journey. I hope you will stick around and grow with me. Thank you for checking out my blog, i am honoured to have you here. Have a lovely and productive monday. XX


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