Stila makeup

I have been really struggling with my skin the last few months. Due to my fibromyalgia i get this rash on my face that looks a lot like acne. Acne is not what i want. The medicine the doctor has me on also isn't very nice. My skin is all dry but then my noise is still oily. Then i have my life long problem of large dark black circles due to my fibromyalgia.

Today at Woolworths if you bought two beauty products you got 20% off. I bought the Stay all day foundation and concealer from Stila, along with there One step correct skin tone correcting and brighting serum. I truly hope that this works with all my redness from the spots and then all the black circles. To make this even better i got a free gift. Two small lipsticks and then an gel eyeliner. The lipsticks have the most amazing pigmentation and i am so excited to test them out.

I can't wait to try these products and i really hope that they work. I will do a video this weekend reviewing the products and showing you guys what i think

Check the video

Have a lovely weekend babes xxx


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