I may have a shopping problem

Online, window, retail, skincare, all night and all day shopping. Shopping has got to be one of my favourite things to do. When i feel down it motivates me. When i am tired it gives me energy. When im happy it makes my smile even bigger. Shopping just makes me want to explore the world.

I enjoy researching before hand to make sure i get the best bargain ever. I check websites, sales and places to buy them online. If i can save a rand her or there i will do so. My favourite thing has to be when i log into my dischem, clicks, woolworths, pick n pay etc and see what money i have saved up. Saving money is becoming a hobby which i love.. I love how on woolworths and pick n pay apps there are vouchers that are tailored to you. Again save money where you can.

My recent save that has me grinning has to be from Woolworths beauty sale. Buy 2 beauty products and get 20% off. I got so much guilty pleasure makeup that i didn't need. Check out my youtube video to see what i got Stila review.


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