#1 What is your favorite physical characteristic (face or body)? Describe a time you felt proud of that feature.

Wow that is not an easy question to answer. I have never been one to like the way i look or feel. Ive found it so hard to try and like who i am and what i look like. I have always liked my hair however i still find myself trying to change it. Something i don’t understand, if i like it why do i change it. Do i not think its good enough? Am i scared of what others have to say about it? Why do i change what i like because im worried about others. Why am i never just at peace with what i have?
I don’t find it easy to admit that i like something about myself due to what others have always told me. Growing up i was surrounded by the “your nose is too big” “thunder thighs” i could go on but that would not achieve anything. Over the years i have tried to change my body, my hair, my look, my style and the list goes on. However  i have never known how to change. What style do i want? what look do i want? Then when i do fine a look of course i worry about wha others will say. It has become a dangerous circle that has paralysed my life.
If i had to choose one thing that i liked i would go with my eyes. I like the colour that they are and the way they look. The shape is fine for me. Stupid thing to choose but i could not choose any other part of me because i could easily say what is wrong with it.


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